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Virgil Tracy head casting


Howdy Guy's sorry for the long absense from the Forum, but my Father had a stroke & heart attack then they found cancer every where. So as you can imagine my life is a slight mess for a while now, so i am trying to keep my mind on fun stuff to escape a bit. Virgil Tracy is my FAB fav. from "Thunderbirds" for you folks in the know you might be able to help?

I am searching to find a nice casting of Virgil, as for head casting's out there i know of two:

(1) Is what looks like a smiler but also it's over all shape seems out of proportion?
(2) Is the frowner seen in the fireflash episode and actually has good form.

A few years ago an original Virgil head surfaced does anyone know has it's owner ever dropped it into rubber. If so anyone snag a casting???
Any help would be most appreciated.

All the best from Michael


Hi Michael.

Sorry to hear about your family woes. I've had a few this year too so know where you're coming from.

Chris King is probably the man to ask about Virgil head history.

Meanwhile there's a PM coming your way about something I've been meaning to ask for a while.

Again sorry to hear about your father. Hope you're keeping well yourself.



Hi Michael
Very sorry to hear about your troubles.
Re Virgil Tracy. I have been looking for a 'normal' hrad cast for some time as well. All there seems to be on ebay is the frowner. I know of three originals out there. The one that Christine Glanville obtained after a Newspaper appeal in the early nineties. She took a cast off that and her reconstruction has appeared in several exhibitions since. Another head came to light and was auctioned 5 or 6 years ago, fetching £14000 i seem to remember ( i was there with my meagre £500 budget hoping to buy a hat! lol) I also believe a smiler head appeared a couple of years ago and was auctioned but i haven't any details on that one :(
Not much help in your (and my!) search but interesting nontheless!

paul gray

Forum Supporter
sorry to hear of your fathers ill health, i hope he's in no pain.good luck with your search for a Virgil. all the best
cheers Paul


First of all thank you Gent's for your support and well wishes for my Dad. Truly one can never really prepare for such a life changing event. But i can tel you having good Friends now all over the world helps tons.
My quest to find a casting of Virgil shall continue, Capt. Ed thank you very much for the new info on Virgil's found. Christine never mentioned to me that she had a Virg mind you i nevr asked grrrrrrrr. A Grad Lady truly missed in the end i may have to work on the frowner as it seems the best one out there in over all shape?