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Wanted detailed blueprints 44 eagle and list of kitbashing

me again :D well i have a job now :roll: so....the building begins
but i need Input(yes pun meant) hee (headache going away)
buleprints or drawings to show this dumb bloke how to make the jigs
detailed info on the building of all aspects of the model
info on the kits used in kitbashing that was used on the filmed model
i know its like 90" of brass tube but that is it
oh i do have two small resin moonbuggys one has a hole in the model what would one used to fill the hole? mods for the buggys? well drill a holes
and put in axles and maybe a ant. control lever nothing to tuff
the moon base? well a better base for one all launch pads( even the one that is away from the base, the "T" pad) fiber optics
the 44 stuido scale i want to film maybe rig it to inight and burn (for a short time need not to mealt the model)propane for lift off and landing
why go to all this hassle? well i want to use my bell and howell 16mm(can be blown up to 32mm) camera and i want to film the eagle (yes i want to see new space 1999 stuff)

well if you can help the addled minded bloke please do as i will have the $$ to get stuff
thank you very much
Hi rabbidsquirrel

I admire your enthusiasm! :yes:

Have you had a chance to pick these up? These blueprints really are the starting point for your project as shrugger mentions.

shrugger said:
I've found this to be the #1 best tool for building my Eagle :cheers:

rabbidsquirrel said:

45.00 dollars, but you do get what you pay for. might get both sets this is close to what i need now keep in mind i'm no engineer (but i play one in my dreams hee hee) so if i can figure out how to make the jigs to make the frame work i would build them so i can prep for the frist part of building

For reference another direct link to the blueprint page:

You had mentioned kitbashing as well, and most of the original kits and parts are shown for the first season Eagle 1 in these blueprints.

Another excellent tool is the extensive Library built up on this forum. In the technical section alone there a 4 pages chock full of articles on techniques and ideas for the varied eagle components (as well as inspiration). There is also more valuable technical information scattered in the other sections of the forum. (I believe there are at least 5 large Eagle projects running in the Hangar section for example.)

Different builders offer different techniques; and there are numerous posted and linked pictures, brass specifics, solder and machining ideas presented.

As much as it seems you are eager for "hands on" modeling, you will probably find you will need quite a bit of self study and planning for your project.

Actually, because much of it is scratchbuilt, you will probably find self study, internet research, and planning to be very important.

I also noticed in this post and others you seem to have numerous projects and ideas floating about on different Space 1999 and other Sci-fi projects. This is great as it shows likeable enthusiasm, but if you concentrate on one area ( i.e. brasswork) and go back and study old posts here specific to this area, the Blueprints mentioned above, and pictures of actual eagle models you will probably find enough information to get started.

If you get hung up on a specific question in a specific area, then the guys here should be able to help you out as shrugger mentioned.

Rabbitsquirrel: I was able to quickly assemble several of the main threads off this forum specific to the frames, frame jigs, ordering the correct size brass, and solder methods as this seems to be were you wish to begin.

The techniques vary, but you should be able to find one that works for you or devise your own. Also, as mentioned above, you will need the linked blueprints as a first step to be able to design your system :)

As mentioned in the last post the blueprints themselves contain accurate kitbashing information, but here is a thread specific to kitbashing from this forum:

I may have missed some threads specific to these areas, so be sure to comb through the rest of the forum as well. I'm sure it is a bit overwhelming, but the in-depth information posted on this forum should help you get started. :)
Just was trolling about and run over this (forgot about the post silly me) THANKS for all the hard work now i need to 1.get blueprints
make jigs buy brass,solder (and figure out what tools i need, where the "dry dock" is going to be

As for the launch pad (scaled to the 44" eagle?) well that could be a bit hardier (idealy i would like it to be where the pad raises, make a cool glass shot) but where to get or make a glass shot? (don't mind me get like this; mind is at Warp .....say 30 and i'm at impulse :D )
but big thanks to you for the links
next friday see if i can get blueprints, some supplies for jig making
looked at the kitbashing there was a lot of models so i'm guess they use just the tid bit that looks cool?

plans to rig the Eagle for propane or some gas? Well got to keep it low enough temp, build it up enough to take the heat or some other gas
But other than that i'm off like a herd of turtles
No problem rabbidsquirrel,

You have a great attitude combined with several innovative ideas and I'm sure that you will turn out a very fine Eagle.

It will be neat to see it on film too :yes:


BrianS said:
DX-SFX said:
Aprox 10 feet diameter.
WOW! :shock:

Unless you are Roy Neary, I guess that means it goes out in the back yard (or one very large basement).

Just don't steal the neighbor's chicken wire to make it... shoveling dirt into the kitchen sink isn't a good idea, either. Signed, Roy