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WANTED: Spine Mounted Booster Pod Kit for 22" RU Eagle


Looking for a Spine Mounted Booster Pod Kit for 22" RU Eagle. The only producer of these that I know of is apparently only making them in pre-built form now.

Also - anyone who is a reputable figure modeler I may need some figures built for me. PM me for details if interested.

I've contacted him - he doesn't do that kit anymore

No, Jim Small doesn't do the kit anymore because WE'RE ALzl waiting for Round2 models to come out with the Lab pod and the Spine Booster.

Many garage kit makers are not producing garage resin kits for the 22" Eagle as a plastic, styrene kit will be much more accurate, lighter and easier to put together than resin. Don't fall for buying a garage kit. Wait a while for the model kit to come out, it'll be worth.