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Wanted: Stingray kit

Hi all;

My first post on the forum although I have been a regular spectator so to speak for some time now, and been very impressed with some of the ork on here.

I have spent most of the last six months or so building kits related to the much-loved Gerry Anderson shows I enjoyed as a youngster.

To date I have completed q resin 1/24?? scale Supercar, the recent UNCL Fireball XL-5, UNCL TB1 and TB3 UNCL Angel Interceptor and SPJ, TB1 TB$ and TB5 from Aoshima 2 different UNCL Space 1999 laser tanks and the 2 1/48 Eagles from MPC.

This is leaving a gap in the collection for Stingray, and I am trying to source a decent kit (scale no too important).

If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated,



Will try to download some pics of my collection to date soon



Hi there,

I have an 18" Stingray kit which my interest you? It's a re-vamp of the old RA Models Stingray.

It's resin and vac-form, and is complete with clear cast ratemaster and decals.

Drop me a line if you're interested?
Hi Bobs56;

Would be interested I the stingray if still avail, sorry cant send PM yet - too few posts

Many thanks for reply



Hi,I have the comet kit,but I would be interested in this depending on price,I sold a wave kit as it was to much trouble,I also have a Midori kit and I assume the Paramount kit is the same moulding.Ray