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Commander Ret.
Anyone here collect scale diecast aircraft?

Just ordered a Century Wings F-14 Tomcat, a Hobby Master A-10 Thunderbolt and a Dragon Wings F-16. These three aircraft defined my military aviation interest in the 80's and are true classics.

Century Wings F-14:

Hobby Master A-10:

Dragon Wings F-16:

Not bad for 8 inch long models! 8)


You are a lucky they look superb. I love that sort of model. I just don't have the room to collect them. I would love a large collection of the WWII diecast planes.


I love those dicast ones as well but they are too small for me. I recently bought a 1/18th scale F4U Corsair - its huge so thats all I'm getting.(not diecast -plastic) No more collecting for me now. Except for maybe the PE Starbug, PE UFO/Interceptor...well maybe no no more collecting.


Commander Ret.
I would move to bigger ones but my three favs above aren't available in the same scale. :(


I have a number of these by various manufacturers...all quite nice. Dragon Wings generally take the honours in the accuracy stakes, but the others look nice too.

Of course I built all of these as plastic kits some years ago - all now stored in my loft in various states of decay no doubt.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
love that tomcat.i remember have that as a kit when i was a lad and was so chuffed with myself for being able to make the wings work. lovely looking aircraft.
cheers Paul