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Warning To Customers, Or Potential Customers, of


I've been given permission to post a warning to customers, or potential customers, of

The issue involves a business practice that has used on more than one occasion where they will not refund monies that have been prepaid for an item that has been pre-ordered or back-ordered, and then the order has been cancelled by the customer when the item was never delivered.

A little long-winded, but...
In my case, I pre-paid (approximately $2,700 USD) for a pre-order of a Eagle Forty-four Inch Model Replica that advertised on their site when Sixteen Twelve Collectibles was looking at a limited production run in 2010. Later that year, when I inquired with Fabgearusa about the status of the project, the owner said he confirmed and paid for the 20 he was getting. In 2012, I noticed that Fabgearusa had removed the Eagle Forty-four Inch Model Replica from their site. When I inquired and asked to cancel my order, he said he "took it off the site because of how hard it has been to get the few we have done
I will see if where you are in line and if it hasn't started yet I will cancel and get my money back so I can pay you back
As there seemed to be the implication that work would be progressing behind the scenes, I asked him to keep my order active if work had begun on them. Since then, I've received no updates from Fabgearusa, despite having sent the company e-mails on at least three separate occasions. In June of this year, I was finally able to contact Sixteen Twelve and they replied that they had taken no payments, as "the 44" Eagle never got any further than the 'ideas' stage...". I sent Fabgearusa an e-mail on 2015-07-01 informing the owner that I was officially cancelling my order and asked him to advise when I could expect a refund. Again, I received no reply, despite sending e-mails to Fabgearusa's contact addresses. I also tried contacting Fabgearusa through the company's Facebook page, but once I brought up the issue of the cancellation of the order, again all communication from him stopped. The owner of has even taken to deleting my posts to the Visitor Post section of the Fabgearusa Facebook page, though I continue to re-post them.

After checking on the US Better Business Bureau's web-site, I discovered that a complaint was registered against on 2015-07-27 by someone who had prepaid for a couple of back-ordered items:
Refusal to cancel two back orders, and issue refunds
This company has ignored my request to cancel both orders totalling$196.00. Both orders were made almost a year ago. I have had no response from fabgear as to if and when these orfers would be fulfilled. They have kept my money and have completely ignored my request for cancellation and refund.

Desired Settlement
I want my refund for both orders totalling $196.00

I will soon be contacting the US BBB to register my own complaint.

The sad thing is, up until this incident, I had had no problems with Fabgearusa when I ordered the Space: 1999 Year One and Two soundtracks, the 22" Medical Transporter Eagle (produced by Sixteen12), and the Mark IX Hawk (also produced by Sixteen12). All items were delivered. I have no idea why the owner of is acting in such a poor business manner in regards to the incidents I've mentioned above.

In addition to issuing this warning, I'm also curious if anyone else has had similar experiences with

Steve Gerard

You pre-paid (approximately $2,700 USD) and got this treatment. :fume:
Hope you get results.

Thanks for the warning. :think:


i read this post expecting a different kind of warning. i received an email from fabgear within just the last week or so that was obviously spam, so i thought you were going to say they had been hacked. i haven't had any dealings with them for many years, but i too purchased 12" and 24" eagles from them without incident at that time. considering the amount of money, i'd have registered a complaint long ago. good luck.


@Steve Gerard: You are welcome. I'm still hoping will do the right thing and issue the refund. I don't care what the reason is for the company to have done what it's done. All would be made right if it just refunded my order.

@wvrs158: Hmmm. Interesting timing between you receiving spam from Fabgearusa and me posting the warning. In regards to registering a complaint, I should point out that in the case of the customer who registered their complaint with the US BBB in July 2015, the Complaint Resolution Log stated:
"Unanswered - The business failed to respond to the dispute."
Complaints are normally closed within thirty business days.

This is probably why the US BBB has given (Proteus Media Group) a rating of "C+". Wonder if the rating will change downward after I register my complaint. I now wish I'd acted on this sooner and had proceeded with cancelling the order back in 2012. Not having had any bad experiences before with Fabgearusa, I elected to give him the benefit of the doubt. I never expected anything like this.

Thanks guys for the positive support. If anyone happens to see my posts (under AJAramaki) on the Fabgearusa Facebook page, please feel free to "Like" or reply to them, as this may act as a bit of a push if the company sees that others are responding to them. One can hope.


For those of you outside the USA... the Better Business Bureau is a membership type setup and holds no control over non members, and little if any over current members.
If a business wants to rip you off the best they can do is lower their rating (if a member).

Back in the 50's and 60's membership and following their guidelines were an important part of small business success. The small decal on the door indicted the shop would treat you fair and if an issue appeared their was someone to stand with you to get the issue most companies join to get the insurance packages and loan help.