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WARP Eagle Transporter Build Up


As promised, here's my Warp Eagle Buildup project, with an out-of-the-box review.

So the package arriwed within 3 days from comet-miniatures to Hungary, that's what I call service! Everything was undamaged, so there is nothing I can complain about in the delivery or in the package of parts.

There is not much point in criticising the eagle itself, either, for there are not many kits out there you can just "buy". True, you can win Ebays, you can buy them from friends, but store-wise, the warp kit is one of the few (or even the only one right now?) you can purchase. So you have to live with the faults of the kit anyway.:thumbup:

The first thing I noticed was that the kit comes in two different kinds of resin. Most parts are cast in good quality BiResin, but the passenger pod is a very poor Polyurethane compound. When two pieces meet, it feels like stone or ceramic: very heavy and brittle. I guess that this was the stuff the whole kit was made of in the beginning, and that's what Jim Small writes about on Since it's only the passenger pod, I don't think it will be a problem.

But the white metal parts are what's really bothering. They look cool but the casting quality is sub-standard. :thumbdown: The worst thing is that the injection flash is so much that I will have to actually sculpt the metal into form of the cage on the spine. I mean it, big chunks of metal are attached to the underside, it's not just the apparent flash between the rods.
That will be the most difficult part in the whole building prozess as far as I can tell.:cry:

So what's left? It looks gorgeous. And accurate too. Woth every penny. :thumbup: I will keep on posting of the building prozess!

Wich me luck with the metal-sculpting :mrgreen:



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Good luck my friend!
It tooks me 3 months only to clean it!!:wtf:

I'm 6 months in. The white metal parts eventually emerge from the surrounding shite. Eventually. :-/

Not exactly an airfix spitfire is it?

A friend of mine thinks the white metal stuff might be actually unhealthy to work on without serious air evacuation. Too much tin/lead. Not good for a long healthy life.

Gotta be honest with you, I want to have the cleaning done within a week or two weeks. But as I started it yesterday I said to myself: You gotta be kiddin' me! I was fileing, I was cutting and fileing and cutting some more so that my fingers got sore, I got 1/3rd of the spine 'ready' in 1 afternoon. But that's not so much the problem. I mean if you buy a kit, the building is the most fun anyway, the longer it takes the better. No, my problem is that no matter how much I work on it, in the end, it will not look good. Not 100% that is. Not only can I not axcess certain parts of the spine with my needle filer, the rods are actually not round, but oval. The flash is not just 'there', the rods are thicker than they should be, with the amount of flash. That's sad. :think:

And yes the white metal is unhelathy, but not so unhealthy than it was 10-15 years ago. Since then much of the compound changed, due to health problems. Still, the fine dust can be inhaled which is very dangerous, so folks take care if you build this kit. :)



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You guys have clearly come along to do a 'hatchet job' on this kit and on Warp.
The site where you bought this kit clearly shows the amount of work required with cleaning. A serious modeller can accept this is the case. If you are not happy with the product, then send it back and get a refund.
And check your facts too....There is no lead in Pewter. The Warp instructions clearly state that you should take adequate steps to protect against dust.
I think admin should step into this thread and get it sorted as it is clearly a #### throwing exercise at a manufacturer who is still trying to supply us with products even in these difficult times...but you obviously want to kill that too!

Slate Mcleod

Fixer....I think the guys above were merely giving their opinions on the kit and certainly sz.waldmann was fair and un-biased. How can the comment...

"It looks gorgeous. And accurate too. Worth every penny" any part of doing a 'hatchet job' on Warp ????

This forum is here to allow all to express an opinion on the kit. I haven't read the Warp probably many of us who haven't tackled this model won't have. Nothing wrong with being warned about the amount of work required on the spine areas.

Don't work for "Warp" by any chance do you ?


Fixer....I think the guys above were merely giving their opinions on the kit and certainly sz.waldmann was fair and un-biased. How can the comment...

"It looks gorgeous. And accurate too. Worth every penny" any part of doing a 'hatchet job' on Warp ????

This forum is here to allow all to express an opinion on the kit. I haven't read the Warp probably many of us who haven't tackled this model won't have. Nothing wrong with being warned about the amount of work required on the spine areas.

Don't work for "Warp" by any chance do you ?

There is a certain amount of work involved in taking pictures, upload them and write a full review. I can quit any time you guys see it fit.

I think a full how-to and review detailing all the work from the beginning to the end could be helpful. Would be, to me.

I am satisfied with this kit. Most satisfiing about it is that it's on my table, payed and ready for assembly.
If 'problems' are unsaked for, then I can continue with a Hello-Kitty style happy thread as well :)

Besides. There is no real competition to Warp, like I wrote, it's either this or nothing. And as to the reputation of this kit, features two articles now some ten years old wirting in detail about the problems as well.

And to the matter at hand, just to be precise. I just checked. I bought it from comet-minuatures, they write "Requires construction and painting."; federation models, an other supplier, writes "This is a highly detailed model and is suggested for advanced modelers."
I don't remember reading anywhere that I will need an extra set of knifes, filers and whatnot with many weeks of resculpting the white metal at places. I tell you you can be an experienced modeler and an experienced tabletop miniatures painter (who works with white metal and flash cleaning on a daily basis) you will be unprepared for what's to do with this kit. It's my opinion, which does not cloud the fact that I am finally able to build an Eagle. Happy happy.

And I am clearly not a chemist, I have no idea what pewter or lead or tin are or what amount these materials contribute to the 'White metal" compound. Though I can tell you that White metal was invented (I remember the time!) so that modelling / painting becomes less dangerous. What's the problem with me stating that caution should be used when building this kit with the fine metal dust?

Yes, I'd be happy too if an Admin would drop by to sort this thread out.

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Assistant Commander
Staff member
Lets keep

SZ i look forward to following your build up, please keep it coming.

Fixer - I have read the first post twice now and with all due respect I feel you have reacted and responded unduly harsh to the thread, there is no "attack" of warps kit, it seems a fair (and backed up with pictures) personal opinion of the kit, and this is exactly the sort of thing we want from members, personal experiences and build ups, you do not have to agree with his opinion, but please respect it.

If you are unhappy with the review, feel free to write your own, as long as it is a genuine review based on the kit in hand (with pics ideally) then we welcome more input into the subject, but please start your own thread if that's the case, please let this thread run as intended, to document a members build of a kit.




You guys have clearly come along to do a 'hatchet job' on this kit and on Warp.
Honestly Fixer no one wants to do a hatchet job on the kit or any of WARPs work.

But it is a difficult kit to build and WARP thrillingly remains annonymous (a sort of resin Banksy).

Jim Small does a good review of the kit and also comments on its short commings on the Starship modeler website.

The kit has evolved over the years but the (second hand) version I have has lots and lots of metal flash especially around the main cage which is difficult and tedious to clean out. Much of the spine detail I have had to cut out myself from the metal.

As the kit is not CE marked or regulated in anyway it is worth pointing out that the metal dust is toxic, this is not my opinion, but one I am passing on from a friend who's lab I was using to trim up the parts.

I hope that you are happy with my response.

It would be fun if the three 12 inch WARP Eagle builders could post along on this thread?
Hi again,

Now on with the thread. :)

I was working from 17:00 until midnight yesterday on the eagle, I got fatigue-fewer in my fingers (!) and vesciles on my hand :) because of the rasping and fileing. But the spine is done.:clap:

As you can see from the pictures, it actually looks gorgeous. Yet if you look close you'd see that it's not 100%, there was simply a bit of flash I could not clean. I could spend more days and even weeks on this one piece, and it would look surely better, yet I decided to let it be.

When I inserted the rods underneath the spine, it got the looks of an eagle part :) Then I sprayed it light grey (for later weathering effects).

The next thing to build was the passenger pod. That's really straight forward, tough I had difficulties for the bottom was 3-4 mm wider than it should be so I had to remove a small amount on both sides. Was too wide to simply file away, and the resin was too brittle to cut: so I used my filer as a saw and removed the necessary amount. Then it went together rather quickly. I also primed this piece.
The bottom looks actually better than the original, there is some added detail. One could call this "inaccurate" but I think at the time of mastering the original warp eagle, David Sissons' pictures of his repairs on the original were not yet awailable so they had not so many pictures to work with. (?) :think:

On the photo the spine is on the pod already, but I did not glue it on yet, just placed on top for the sake of the picture.

I think it comes along pretty well.



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Nice going Szab!:thumbup:
I'am abroad right now..when come back home I'll post some pictures about my Warp Eagle standing by to be completed...:)


The "after" picture of the painted spine looks great. What a difference! It is obvious you worked your fingers off cleaning that puppy up. Gonna be a great ship when she's done. Keep posting. Always enjoy these kinds of threads. :yes:
Hi Guys,

Hawk, thanks!

So here's the update. I worked mainly with the two corridors and the top / bottom parts of the cages (glued on) as well as the engine.

The corridors and the metal surrpounding it were an easy job (means it only took 1 afternoon to clean hahahaha), and looks very very good. It's a bit sad that the two pieces are identical but I guess that this would be an easy fix if attempted. I leave it to be for it looks great anyway.
The engine was a bit tricky, but went together OK. I did not glue the bigger tanks on, only the smaller spheres, so that the priming is easier.

And then, right after taking picture 1 of this post, I realized that some of the plumbing is missing! I placed the part on my own printed material about the original eagle for the picture when I realized the difference. After digging into the subject ( ) I realized that the Warp kit has some kind of crossover engine between the first and the second season. To fix that, either the plumbing of the smaller spheres should have been fixed to resemble season 1, or additional piping should be added to the main thursters to resemble season 2. I went with the second choice, since I like that configuration better.
So I cut some copper rods into shape (at least the model has now some authentic material built into it :) ), filled the gaps with modelling putty and voila, there you have a rather crude but fun "superdetailing" of the warp eagle engine. :mrgreen:
See the second pic.

After these I painted the corridors with dark grey wash and dusted some more grey primer over it. This looks very impressive in real life but on the foto it's almost invisible because of my poor lighting / camerawork. Anyway, I am hoping for a nice blending effect when I will dust over the model with white when it's assembled. See 3rd pic.

Finally I drilled holes into the spine to look more like the original. Pic 4.

Its kinda getting the looks of an eagle :)

thanks for reading, comments are welcome!



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You ARE doing a wonderful job on this model. Your build IS a valuable contribution!



Hi All. I just bought a New WARP Eagle about an hour ago from Ebay. It was a steal so I couldnt resist:brows: I just found this thread and about freaked out! What did I get myself into...HEALTH risk!:O I guess I'll have to wear a mask or something. Im not that worried about the excess flash as it is to be expected and as was mentioned above, we are lucky to have anything in a ready kit to purchase! Good luck with the build here and I'll be watching as I squeeze this one in with my 44" Eagle.:yes:


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