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WARP Eagle Transporter Build Up


I would highly recommend to all Warp Eagle builders the excellent aluminium engine bell set from Mike Reader ( as it really makes the model in to something special.

Here's mine which I build many years ago from the very first batch of the kits which I bought on the day of release.



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Hi Chris...I planned on getting the bells from you know if he makes the a-thrusters? I didn't see them on the list he sent me some time ago.


Probably too small in this scale. He does the for 22/23" and above - but no harm in asking...
Hi again,

Time for the update.

I spent most of the last 3 days with cleaning the cages (pic 1 of this post). That was major suckage. :) I used a drill, tools without end, my own fingernails and whatever I could find. The difficulty was, that these white metals parts show the signs of handmade casting. I mean they have the very same faults as handcast resin parts, having small bubbles in the negative rubber, and thus having small spheres stuck in the small recesses of the part. But while with resin that's no big deal, with metal you have to work very hard to get them off.
But I understand now the whole concept of Warp. I don't think they have professional casting machines as such, I can imagine them being a little bigger than a garage kit manufacturer. That's why it looks like this: and I think it's okay.
Aaanyway, Then I primed the cages. Then I removed the paint where the parts were to be glued together. Then I glued the cages on, and when ready I glued them on the spine.
Finally I dusted the model with satin white. (Pic 2 of this post)
You can see that under the cages the machinery has a nice blending effect down to dark grey. I am hoping for yet better effects, when I start to use my pigemnts on the model.

This is the reward for all the sore fingers and tons of working hours. I like that. Anyone thinking about buying the warp kit or not just look at the picture. That's your answer.

Then I had some spare time and finished the landing gears. That was really easy, got the four together in some half an hour with cleaning and priming. The model is more and more resembling an eagle. (Pic 3 of this post).

The next step will be the painting, for which I have a cool idea. I hope I will get the desired effect, but that's for next time.

comments welcome :)



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VERY VERY NICE SZ! You'll still have a beauty after the soarness in those fingers are gone. :lol: Also, thanks Chris for showing your awesome eagle too...Mike thanks you too since I gave in after seeing yours and added the full Warp bell treatment to my 44" order!:deal:
Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

Alfalfa, I intend to leave the walkways like this. More than that, I will add more weathering than I saw on most of the Eagle builds. After all, I intend to build a realisticly looking spaceship and by realistic i do not mean "a Studio copy" (will get to that :) ) but what I think it should look like. After years of duty :)
After the white and the panelling are done, I will work on the eagle with paint and brush. Thus the black parts of the beak will be painted, not sprayed. Same goes for all other details.

thanks for reading,


time for some painting :)

I cut masking tape to form and created a random pattern on the pod. Then I sparyed the whole thing white.
The next step was to remove half of the tapes and dust the model again with white; finally after removing the last bits of tape I dusted it yet once more, thus 3 different shades were created.
Looks okay, tough after seeing the photos and the model in daylight I decided to go with one more pass of white over it, for the grey is too sharp (not on the photo yet).
After taking the photo I also stripped the command module of the paint with fine sanding paper, for I realized that the fabrication errors on the surface (lots of miniature craters) did not disapper under the paint. Now I sanded it all down to a flat surface; I think it was better this way. More updates on detailing tomorrow :)



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Hello guys,

I did one more pass with white over the pod, and that made it all right. I painted the windows black just to see what it'll look like when finished, but that is only a quick paintjob, not ready yet.

But I finished the CM. I used Rackham colors, for they have the highest density of pigments on the market (can be obtained here for example ). The white frame of the windows was a tough job. I painted the frame matt white and the windows black afterwards. Had to clean up a bit of mess I did tough I used a very fine brush (3*0).
I did some weathering on the CM, as if it was used for atmospheric entry.

The shoulder pods also got their basic color. The rest of the detailing will be brushwork.

Comments are welcome!



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Looks great!
I've been thinking of how to do the CM frames too.
What I might do is very thin strips of white decal to line those windows.


I dont know if it was on the forum or not, but I saw a kit to make the landing gear suspension functional. Anyone know of this?


Szab, This build is coming along very nicely! :thumbup:

You have a lot of patience working with the spine and cages.

I have a 12" Eagle kit I got from Jim Small a couple of years ago. It looks like it has a lot of parts from a Warp kit and some other parts Jim made. It also has a resin spine and cages but the resin spine doesn't feel like it will hold as well as the metal one.

What's the best glue for attaching the white metal parts? Epoxy?


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Hello there. You have make a very good work here. When you finish the paint what decals have you to put them on...;
Have you get the technical markings from dx-sfx.;
I have buy them for one 22'' eagle and one friend of mine with her printer have make them smaller in the half (and little more i think) of dimension and have printed them in clear decal film for a 12'' eagle...I think its a good idea...:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


I started putting the passenger pod together and the floor seems to be way too wide. The roof falls in. Not sure.
Hi Eagle 2010,

Read back this very forum. I encountered the same problem; you have to cut the floor to size. The roof ist the correct size.

And me, my god, I think I lost my camera. I am almost ready with the eagle, but I cannot send any photos yet. Either I find the damn thing in a few days or I have to buy a new one. Either way, I'll come back to ou with the finished warp eagle.


I apologize for the poor quailty of the photos. I find myself in need for a new camera. These pictures were taken with a cellphone, and this was the best it could offer.

Anyway, I am ready with the kit.

I used a lot of pigments from MIG and Vallejo to simulate moondust here and there, and I added a lot of weathering as if it was used a lot, even in atmosphere.

So, in the end, what can one say about the Warp kit?

1. Accurate.
2. Heavy, and I mean heavy.
3. Cool and good looking.
4. Very difficult do do right.
5. Ridiculously overpriced at 130$ for a 12" model, as the Replicas Unlimited 23" Eagle will be back in mid summer for 200$

I think overall I am quite satisfied.

The final picture is a small montage I did just for fun. I hope you enjoyed this buildup & review.



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Thanks, Karr :)

Well I was thinking about a Hawk, of course :)
tough the metaprobe got my interest as well.

When the RU 23" Eagle will be out, that would probably make my next model, but it's still months away. I don't think I can wait until that :)

You know, What I really would like to do is build an airfix / amt ertl eagle and accurize it. But i can't get a hold on a model (I'd rather not Ebay).