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Warp Models Eagle Lift


doon said:
Hey guys, gonna be heading over to the hobby shop in a bit.
What type of red should I get for the lift?

I used 'VW Brilliant Orange' as I believe (this is only my own opinion though that the pads are orange rather than red.

I'm still part way through weathering so hope to complete mine by the end of the weekend.

Well I finally got around to weathering my pad model at last. I got a new silent compressor the other day for my airbrushes and was itching to try it out.

Here's the result of this weekend's work...displayed with one of my Warp Eagles:

I still have to add the small personel platforms below the pad, but other than that it's pretty well finished. Just got to find some shelf space for it now !



That is a beautiful job, the colours and weathering are super :drool:
Oh, let me add a :thumbup: :drool: for the eagle as well.


Thanks for your comments everyone...I love just having fun with an airbrush like this and doing what I fancy, with a bit of experimentation thrown in for good measure. Plus a raid on the rub down lettering sheets and decals for some extra interest.

Next I think I'll attach the small glider model I have to see if I can achieve a similar panel effect like the original...could be fun.

I'm also working on Jim Small's studio scale Pilot Ship model which is a real beauty, so I have to start some really subtle and restrained weathering on the panels for that one. I've painted the base in Ford Diamond White, have masked and sprayed the red areas, and am now starting the detailing.


After perusing the Halfords shelves I settled on Volkswagen Brilliant Orange...

Obviously toned down a little with various panels being oversprayed in greys and blacks.

Though the Microscale satin varnish looks too shiny to me, so I may overcoat again with matt...


My markings were just random Letraset or other rub downs (mainly W H Smith's own brand) from my vast selection amassed over 30 odd years - I just selected lines and markings that I was happy with for the project.

Sorry not to be able to be more specific.

You can still pick up Letraset sheets on Ebay from time to time.


How do you do that panel shading thing,i can see its bits of paper or card,but how do you get that effect?
It looks like its an `Anderson` only effect,as the Drybrushing / Wash i am ok with

i have spent a while using the search,but not found this technique



Bits of card held on or close to the surface,then airbrush or spay can lighter or darker colours against the edge of the card which acts as a mask.


An airbrush and some matt black Humbrol paint work really is that simple...

As i have said before build ups no problem,painting............arrrgg...I am just in from the garage refinishing the platforms for the lift at 10.30pm (started this today at 2.00pm),then on to the main colours,and the shaded panels

i remember (long before this fourm existed) reading an artical about Space 1999,and i remember the quote from Brian Johnston `i never used an airbrush on Space 1999`

was that really true?


Those launchpads look fantastic and you really brought them to life with your artwork. Are the models accurate to the show or are they something WARP designed?


Warp Lift

The lift is represented in Space 1999 season 2 episode:`Space Warp'
the bit where Maya goes nuts,and gets to an Eagle,and lifts off inside the hanger

it looks pretty close,but the studio one only has 1 leg which is larger,the Warp one has 2.

it is only on show for a few seconds,and only from one angle

I am not sure if the small set of steps at each side on the model are on show,or if they exist on the studio one (without checking)

Captain Sci-Fi

These posts and images are a culmination of a speedbuild thread started by Eagle, they give a fair representation of the kit and the master paint blaster - our own Chris Potters (w8cmp's) results....

Captain Sci-Fi

Yes it still is but unfortunately the images got lost in the reshuffle on mark's hosting service, so a condensed version here. I still think it a great example of what can be done with a decent kit, a practised skill and a little time.

Chris Potter's build is sublime too, his paint work is such a high quality with a really good idea for colour. I love his masking and shading techniques too.

I like to enliven some of these threads to inform new members what is available. I followed some of the notable build links Mark had highlighted. If you like these then check out the Eagle Hangar threads too. :D

Captain Sci-Fi

And my pale by comparison effort: :)

I wonder if you could find a few more images from your version? Like Donald I was inspired by your early work. You are being way too humble mate, I would be happy to own any of these builds. :D

As I was researching to compile this section so others could reference what has been done with Warp's kit, I decided there is nothing better than seeing one made up to really get a good look at the subject.

Warp's new kits look interesting too, more diorama stuff is always good news.


I've finally built my Eagle Lift after admiring the one at the top of this thread.
First Space 1999 model, and my first resin kit too. I think given my skill level it's turned out okay. Don't think I'm ready for a Warp Eagle Transporter yet though.

Not much weathering on it as I'm not sure how I want to achieve it yet.

Warp Models

Official Warp Representative

Some of the previous posts give an indication how the weathering is achieved....what you've done already is great!!! Just keep building up the layers and you will get there. If you are putting fine painted panel lines then use TAMIYA masking's kinder to the paint surface. Give it a few days before using the tape so your paintwork can thoroughly cure.

Great Build!!!!


Lift and Booster

Heres my effort,still to finish the other boosters


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