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Warp Models upgrade kit for Airfix/AMt Eagle

Hi all,

I've been wanting to get a Warp Eagle, and the more I look at how the price seems to rack up when shipping to the US, the more I wonder if it'll ever happen. I guess I want to know if there is ANY place in the US that carries this kit besides eBay (not that eBay is bad, you just have to wait for a kit to appear). Now I'm reading horror stories about duty costs, etc. -GAG- Anyway I just wondered if there might be better coverage over here at some point. 8)

My question is, with the Round2 22 Eagle on the horizon, why would you buy a Warp kit?

The Warp is Resin, inaccurate, more difficult to build and more expensive while

Round2 will be made of styrene, easy to build, more accurate and cost less.

There's currently two web site already taking pre orders:
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Hello Riven2000, the answer is no. That kit is a Basicaly a garage kit from the UK. Why don't you visit Space: 1999 1/48 Scale Modeler Collection Group on FaceBook and check out the upcoming 1/48 22" eagle transporter kit hopefully to be announced at WonderFest this month.