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WAVE Vinyl Skydiver 1


All we need is a person from Tasmania and the ACT and we'll have the whole country covered

...there you go...:lol:


I wish I came from Tasmania I'd borrow that as an avatar :clap: My Brother and my parents in law live there....:think:
On the crest of a wave....

.....and a gorgeous model. SkyDiver managed to be unique, beautiful and deadly all at the same time.

Well done to anybody who can contend with the obvious challenges of a vinyl kit - definitely worth all the hassle, it would seem.

Kindest regards



Love the model and the way it works in the display case. Wouldn't it be cool to have one with double glass at the front, filled with water with bubbles coming up and a few underwater plants and rock scenery around the model...

Note to self - don't even think about it, put it out of your mind... you don't need a Skydiver in a fake aquarium in the living room...

(yes I do, yes I do!)


CDLLC - Very creative solution to the solid opaque cockpit windows. Take two pats on the back from petty cash on the way out.