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Welcome Pilots


Assistant Commander
Staff member
Hi guys,

For you fans of BattleStar Galactica (BSG), both old and new (the shows not your ages he he) here is a new dedicated area to discuss the awesome Models from this excellent Show.

This forum encompasses all shows and series', so feel free to post on any of the below shows

Original Series
Galactica 1980
Re-imagined Series
Blood and Chrome

I will be asking the mods to move threads relevant to this section here as they see them, please don't hesitate to pm them if you have a specific thread you feel would be suited to here

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
Smiles :) and thumbs up from me :thumbup: in this section.

I just love the original Galactica (and the latest one too) but I agree, no Daggits please :D
Another of my crushes,besides Cpt Scar.Long live to the 1978 saga and I'm joinning to the general clamour:NO DAGGITS.PLEASE!!.