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Welcome Warp Models


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As part of our ongoing support of garage kit producers, we would like to welcome Warp Models officially to the forum with their own dedicated area to provide new kit news / announcements and to interact with and support members / customers.

If you have / are building a warp kit please feel free to post your build up / review in the build up section.



Warp Models

Official Warp Representative

Hi Everyone!

Many thanks for including Warp Models as a member of this Fantastic Forum!

I will shortly be posting details of some SPACE1999 related kit releases....some small playthings to be going on with while everything gets established.

Thanks again,
Warp Models.

Warp Models

Official Warp Representative
Here goes...never used this method before...fingers crossed.
eaglebits160411 003.jpgeaglebits160411 017.jpgeaglebits160411 018.jpgeaglebits160411 019.jpgeaglebits160411 020.jpgeaglebits160411 021.jpgeaglebits160411 013.jpg

The Nuclear Silo Diorama is nearly complete. In the meantime I am issuing the waste silo covers as a kit in their own right. The covers will be available singularly for a retail between £15 to £20 and in sets of six for approx £40.00. These prices are higher than I'd hoped but buyers must understand that in the retail world at least three other party's take a cut from this total...even the chanceller of the exchequer ....VAT!!!!!

Another little plaything....The Eagle Airlock Adapter as seen in Earthbound. The kit is produced so that it can be displayed retracted or extended. Design of the pattern has taken into account installation of small magnets (sold seperately),so that they can be attached to the PE Eagles without gluing. Retail approx £20.00 to £25.00
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Warp, I am not familiar with the eagle kit but a look at the Jim small review highlights a few areas. This review was from 2000. Is this kit as per the reviewed kit, just a newer production run?


OMG... can't wait for the silos! It's been on my scratch build list forever and yours look amazing. Will go great with my monitoring depot building...