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Wet Sunday Project


Finally a cold wet wintery day - time to head down to the shed, fire up the heater and knock up a ship out of bits. My Daughter had an old glitter lamp - it broke. Picked it up and thought humm, could make something with this. Wife got some Ferrero Rocher chocolates - cool container - thought I could make something with this. Work has some old swabs that were not required - looked at them and though damn, these would make a cool weapon for a model. I used hot melt glue as well I have no patience at times and styrene glue and superlue wouldnt have been too compatable with the various types of plastic used here.

3 hours later -.

Not yet completed - gave it a quick coat of paint to see how it looks. Still some gaps to fill and lots of tidying up.

The bits - the engine is a nozzle from a honey bottle:

Building the cockpit - CD cases again - no one here sells styrene sheeting - have to make do.

An old Bug kit makes the seats - parts of an Cessna, AT-AT, and other bits in my spares box make the rest - seriously depleted my greeblies now.

Almost done - detail painting to come and some serious tidying up yet to be done. I just wanted to see if my idea had merit.

Front shot

Looks like it could be something from a 60's sci fi show. Yet to figure if it needs landing gear or ifs a spaced based fighter. Anyone got a name?


That looks great! Kinda reminds me of the stylings of the rockets in the Flash Gordon movie from 1980.. No idea on a name though.


:thumbup: Sometimes it is really fun to do sf models without a perfect plan, just with a vision. Then using pieces an bits. Like probably many of us, I always salvage interesting parts (which would normally be trashed by Mrs. Transporter) for such projects...:p


Definitely cool Liberator:clap:Nice details and it does have that 50's 60's feel to it:D Also could see Barbarella climbing out:thumbup:


Just noticed reflected in the gold finish in the third pic there - you've got a trainee with you!:thumbup:


:lol: I noticed that, too. :p Very, very cool!!

Yes my trainee - attached to the hip when I'm down in the shed. As soon as I'm down there he's with me - sometimes driving me mad with his incessant chatter. I would never want it any other way!

We have built an Army Tank once - well me mostly. I seriously need to get hold of the Revell Germany Star Wars kits - the snap tite ones so he can build one himself think he would love the AT-At - nice size kit. He is "developmentally delayed" so I have to keep things simple for him.


A yoke gone bad....

Its one of the troubles I have liberator, trying to find stuff my almost 6 year old can do without me doing most of it.

Fun Pod

Given the Flash Gordon-like design and the tradition of naming craft after females, how about (Dale) "Arden", as in, "... she was an Arden to find a name for" :p

(... perhaps I'll just shut up and drink the rest of the champagne...)

paul gray

Forum Supporter
what a lovely way to spend a wet day. the craft is looking good . i have a box of bits ( not model bits ) that would otherwise get chucked out, but have yet to put them to use.
i would call it "the Ferrero"
cheers Paul


Hey that's a brilliant project. I've used a few of these Ferrero Rocher chocolate containers too, but only the clear plastic half for windows. Your use of the whole thing is really imaginary!


Tim Smith

I just got a couple of the containers myself after Easter, but I didn't envision anything like that! Yeah, the idea has merit, very much so!! I see I need to find some Australian honey, though. Nice shape for a rocket motor.

Dr Kane


Oh, I really, really like that. :thumbup: 'This spacecraft is made from 100% recycled materials'.

I can imagine a Treen (from 'Dan Dare') zipping around in that thing.

Liberator, I assume you've seen the 'fatherhood' commercials shown on TV recently? You're living & breathing that stuff.