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What Adhesive Should I Use ...


Hi, I'm not a model maker by any means (unless you count my Airfix kits from the early 80's! :D ) but i was wondering if someone could recommend me a good adhesive for repairing a couple of collectible figures I've got. In both cases its the plastic parts that need re-attaching (plastic to plastic), but they are very small bits, and my first thought was my Airfix days - get some polystyrene cement! But i'm well aware the plastics used on these figures probably wont be the polystyrene kind (as i understand it) and one issue on one of them is that the plastic bit has come unstuck from an extending joint, so when i stick it back, it needs to be strong as the extending part is part of its design, and you have to pull on the bit itself to extend it. But as I said, the bit to stick is very small, not more than 2 x 1mm peg into a hole. Hope this is not to general but any help appreciated!

Captain Sci-Fi

Action figure similar to Star Wars light sabres?

Perhaps a picture if possible?

My instincts are saying that you will need a small bit of piano wire to reinforce the part. it is possible to heat the wire and have it bore a whole for itself with some care.


Its the newly released model of the Dai-X Bomber which I got from Hobby Link Japan a few days ago. The robot is able to transform into its three fighter craft as per the TV Show (Star Fleet). But the thing is so small. The BrainCom head is split down the middle, and each half slides out on a peg. One side is fine (althought part of the X symbol fell off!) but the force need to pull the other side was greater than the force need to detach the part and that's what happened.

Its features these magnetic joints. In addition to whats happened above, one of the joints has managed to pull the square magnet it attaches to out of the part its supposed to stay in. Again it was stuck, but not very well. As its so small, the glue i'd need to use seems to me to need to be fairly runny, but I don't really have an idea what to use.

To give you an idea of size, the ball bearing in the second pic is 10mm diameter approx.


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Slate Mcleod

Okay well first bit of advice is you need to "pin" these parts if they are movable. Use a good two part adhesive as well and test on a trial piece if available. If possible scrape off any paint on the two parts you want to join. "Pinning" involves drilling out a tiny hole in each part and inserting a metal rod so that there is something cohesive to bond too. You could maybe try Araldite as a test - it has worked for me in the past. Use the clear variety, more expensive but saves a mess. It is going to be tough on something the scale of your Dai-X Bomber though. But not impossible. Good luck. If its a metal part try a product named "Super Steel", I use it on all my resin builds and it's probably the strongest adhesive I have ever used. Superglue should be avoided at all costs unless constructing styrene kits in my opinion, despite what you may read elsewhere. I haven't used Polystyrene cement as long as I can remember, it just never does the job when the model ages. 5 years later it will just break apart with a simple knock.
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I was going to suggest Araldite as well, but make sure the surfaces to be bonded are "roughened up" a little if possible. In the past, even if the Araldite ends up not working, it doesn't work perfectly - that's to say you can scrape it all off and start again with something else.....

Good luck,

Kindest regards



Thanks for the tips gentlemen, I dunno whether I can pin it; its just so tiny - I have a dremel and some small bits but it doesn't drill slow even at its slowest speed, and i'm afraid excess heat would probably expand the hole, even if I could get one in there (the arm could possibly be drilled, but not the casing). I'll just have to use glue alone, I shall look for the clear version of araldite, cheers.

Slate Mcleod

Good luck. My only advice is once you glue it back on do NOT be tempted to ever move that particular joint again, just let it look the part.