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What colour primer for Fab 1?

I had a tin of Halfords red primer so I sprayed my Aoshima Fab 1 with it but I was wondering if that's the best colour for a pink overcoat?


Possibly but you could spray white primer over the red, it might take a few coats but it should work.

Captain Sci-Fi

I have seen FAB1 in most colours of pink ranging from white pink to red pink and one shade that looked almost grey compared to the other bright shades.

My personal taste is towards the light end of the spectrum.

What KevinD has said is generally true for example, white primer under yellow top coat would normally be the rule. it should be noted that primer is also used to even out any under colours from patches of filler for example and provide a good keying surface. Red is a strong colour and will bleed through (add it's hue) to whatever top coat you use. You could get a change it the top coat colour that was unexpected, sometimes a good outcome, sometimes bad. Before you make any other changes to your model make a colour chip on some scrap plastic treated in exactly the same way as the finished model, same prep including undercoats. If you make several strips you could experiment with the colours you have shortlisted before committing to the finished model. Make the test strips equal in size 75 x 25mm minimum and test under different lighting conditions including sunlight. There is a greater chance of a happy outcome this way.

Good luck :thumbup: