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What colour the Alien derelict?


I'm just about to repaint the Eaglemoss Derelict and i'm umming and ahhing as to what colour the base coat should be. I don't want to go the metallic route it appears in a lot of the shots, far preferring the tan/grey that is seen in Giger's concept art and, indeed it looks to be in some behind the scenes shots.
So, question is - has anyone painted one in this scheme and, if so, what brand and shade makes for a good basis?
Giger's design sketches for the Derelict showed it as a warm gray- if it helps just about all of his illustrations used the color pallet of a Siamese Cat.
The Alien ship also changed from the original one scene in Alien (and makes a brief appearance in the special edition of Aliens) and Prometheus, where colors and proportions changed.
I consider these to be different ships- all based on the same technology and produced (or grown) from similar shipyards.