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what the best way to make my own decals

Glenn Allen


i just got a commission to build a 1/12 scale viper from BSG , i have the kit and decals , But the customer wants his own Battlestar and Pilot name ,

found on Amazon several people selling water slide decal paper , which work on a inkjet printer ...are these any good ? instructions say i need to spray clear coat on it before applying and after placing on model

what is your view on them ?

Pro Mod

Forum Supporter
In my opinion it's a straightforward process.

After creating your graphic simply print as if your printing a piece of paper, and then let it dry thoroughly for a bought an hour.

Then spray 2 / 3 light coats of gloss lacquer (I use a Halfords aerosol) and again let it dry thoroughly.
After that they're ready to use just like normal decals.

The disadvantages of print your own are that as a general rule home printers don't print white ink which means you have to plan carefully how you’re going to print what you need, as you can only buy clear and white decal paper. Second, unlike a commercial sheet you have to trim right up to your graphic as the entire sheet is lacquered.

The great advantage is that if you damage the decal whilst applying it you've always got plenty of spares - well I do anyway.

As an example this is a single colour logo on a clear backing paper.

If you need any help just let me know.