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What's 'wrong' with the Dinky Mobile?

OK My first attempt at loading images - hope they look OK


  • Mobile primed.JPG
    Mobile primed.JPG
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  • Mobile parts primed.JPG
    Mobile parts primed.JPG
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What about the product enterprise 'camouflage'? Where did THAT come from? I sure don't remember a camouflage painted mobile!

I think it was meant to be 'weathering' but came out a bit overcooked :)

Looking at a stills shot from the 1970 UFO annual I realised a couple of things.

The originals appear to me to have had very little weathering added to the paintwork. Maybe just a little bit of a wash or pre-shading to pick out detail in places, but they are paint wise pretty 'clean'

What looks like weathering around the wheels, tracks and lower body appears to be the 'dirt' they pulled the models through whilst filming.

Probably something like Sodium Bentonite or 'Fullers Earth'. I've no doubt the wheels had the same colour as the body, but are just well covered in the stuff.

One of the giveaways that it is real dirt/dust rather than paint is there are clearly finger marks in it where the model was picked up and positioned for the shot!
So far I have put on about 3 coats of Blue moonstone - it looks a little light even over the grey primer - but sun is out is Glasgow today :) so I 'll try for some outdoor shots and see what it look like. I'm sure with some wash it'll darken


I saw a Peugeot van parked up today, may have been Blue Moonstone as it it looked a very good match to the Shado mobiles. It was very noticeable how much the colour darkened and became more blue in shadow compared to full light, something I think the original Ford colour did too.

I've ordered some Artic Blue from Amazon, it's listed as a '93 colour (XR3i??) and coded 7A. I'll spray it over white, grey and black primers and see what that comes out like. :thumbup:
Several coats of blue moonstone - think will leave chassis as the grey


  • MLNA0001 (2).JPG
    MLNA0001 (2).JPG
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  • MLNA0002 (2).JPG
    MLNA0002 (2).JPG
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OK -going to put it back together to see how it looks
Is there a decent source for decals out there?
I picked some off ebay but it was a reproduction set for the dinky
so were OK to replace the sticker but not if you want some thing more finished


JBOT list them but not in 1/43 scale, though it does say on the website they can be produced to other scales on request. However I don't think they are currently taking orders.

My plan is to produce my own unless JBOT can let us know if they could provide decals in 1/43 soonish.

Won't be any updates from me for a bit, as I'm making the most of the great weather to get some decorating done and the garden in shape. Still very much an on-going project though!

Ham Salad

My plan is to produce my own unless JBOT can let us know if they could provide decals in 1/43 soonish.

Are there decal sheets that go through a printer? I seem to remember somebody mentioning that there are, but I have never seen them or used them.
Have re assembled Mobile and the colour is looking good - left the chassis the primed grey and think the wheels are too dark - toned down the "grill" using silver will see if I can get an image posted and I can get some feedback
all in one piece

Thats as good as it gets today weather wise so couple of indoor shots


  • Mobile side2.JPG
    Mobile side2.JPG
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  • Mobile side1.JPG
    Mobile side1.JPG
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  • Mobile assembled.JPG
    Mobile assembled.JPG
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I am pleased with the finish - after following your advice on stripping original paint
and its the first time I have used auto primer and paint for a model - might mist the blue over the wheels to tone them down.
Return to former glories....

What a revelation CB - the paint job looks great, and has breathed new life into a Dinky classic. Always loved the Dinky Mobile - the wheels and axles actually squeaked as you drove it along, in an approximation of the wonderful sound effects used in all the Anderson shows. They actually made a foot long model made of card and plastic sound like it weighed forty tons.

Anyway, well done and good luck in your search for transfers or stickers. Take her for test drive up the Campsie Fells More photos please!

Kindest regards

- had to pack everything away for now - have to empty man room as looking for double glazing to get fitted so it might be a while till its finished
ODAHS any update on your mobile?
Mine is still away for the moment - just not sure how to apply lettering
how ere you going to complete yours?
Got a bit of a bug now following up with a MSV repaint