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What's 'wrong' with the Dinky Mobile?


Not worked on it for a while, my son moved back home to start College so it's been a summer of decorating and we are doing a lot of work in the garden in the good weather.

As all my modelling stuff was in the room my son now has, it is all being stored in a caravan! Hopefully by early Autumn I'll have a new modelling room in the house and my old modelling shed back and I can get back to work on the mobile.

I've thought quite a bit about the lettering. My current idea is to use computer printer decal paper.

There seems to be a couple of options, print it out on a clear decal sheet, so the lettering is transparent and place over an area pre-painted white, or print it out on a white decal sheet. Either way there will need to be some careful colour matching to the top coat of paint but I've done it quite successfully with slot-cars before.

The other option is to find a matching Letracet, not had a lot of time to search for one yet.

Most likely I'll go for the decal paper as there are plenty of other small decals to do as well as the large lettering.
Finished at last

Mobile finished - fitted repro decals from ACME3000 on ebay
then constructed mini diorama from pound shop frame and donated tree braches from back garden :yes:


  • UFO Mobile recon.JPG
    UFO Mobile recon.JPG
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