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Which Blakes 7 Federation Pistol is this?


I've seen several replicas of this gun, and was wondering if anyone can tell me any episodes it appeared in?

I'm currently building the rifle, and would like to make one of these with the leftover parts :)

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I think you will find that it didnt appear in the show but was made by the owner as a variation on a theme. It is thoroughly wonderful and masterfully made. Interestingly you have shamed me into accurising my blaster ....thank you.
Im left handed so the strap loops are on the other side to the usual guns.


Chief Eagle Pilot
That kind of design WAS used in the show, in season 4 episode Games
Although the details are a bit wrong on this.

Andy H
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Thanks for the info, Andy. I wonder why they changed out the Federation weaponry in Season 4?

I know the classic guns do appear, but there are quite a few unidentified long rifles, not to mention the extended version of Bill Pearson's Blake killer in Warlord.


Nice one Andy :thumbup:

I was on the 'capping trail' last night too.

Damn kids!

And a fairly good day at the office :)