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Who Wants To Buy a 44" Ready to Build?


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Hi All,

I have over the last 10 years gathered up all of the parts to build a 44" Eagle. Now some bills have come up and I am coming to the realization that I may have to sell it now. So I am posting to see what someone may be willing to pay to acquire this. Will post pics later but below is a small list of what I have so you get the idea. This is from my planned Interior Cutaway build

Brass Spine by Paul Grey
Brass Cages by Stingray
Brass Beak clamps by Paul Grey
Spine to Cage "U" clamps
Complete Mike Reader Aluminum Bell set (Main engines, all vtols, side pod thrusters, CM sensor dishes)
Brass Side Pod Landing struts by Paul Grey
All required Tamiya tank kits (original parts from re-issued kits)
Walkways by Dakota In The Sky
2 Command Modules by Dakota In The Sky (bought from him as slight blemish kits (top and bottom halves were already assembled and the joints need filler work)
Passenger Pod by Dakota In The Sky (bought as a blemish kit - Warped, but can be straightened)
4 Resin Side Pods by Dakota In The Sky - (One has been modified and cut away to show interior detail)
Resin Passenger Pod landing legs by Stingray
Required Gemini kit parts (original parts)
All EMA/Plastruct parts including plastic rods
Walkway Shelves and Beak Windows by Captain Sci-Fi
Engine bottles by Paul Grey
EMA hemispheres for the engine assembly
Airfix Saturn V required parts
44" Eagle Decals by Chris Trice

Almost $4000 in parts over the years. This is not a fire sale though. If I don't get what I think is fair then I will hang onto it and go another avenue. Don't really want to break it up either.

Depending on where you live shipping will likely be in the $100 range as all together she weighs quite a bit.

Please PM with offers.

Thanks for looking.

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