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Will I be crucified for saying this


Forum Supporter
We've seen colourised black & white episodes

But has any bright spark out there in the tv world or at Network

Thought of bringing out 1 episode of any of the puppet series with the strings edited out

Just a bit of fun

Nice to see it at a convention

Ham Salad

Come now! Crucified? In this day and age?

We use stoning. With dinky eagles.


And no, n o one has thought of that. There was some talk of adding strings into space 1999 episodes, though.
Definitely not.....

.....because it would be interesting to see what our favourite characters looked like without their strings. Definitely not sacrilege, by any stretch of the imagination, but I doubt if it would add anything really.

Kindest regards



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1 episode
Just for fun
It may make it look a step closer to CGI

I asked Jamie Anderson to experiment with it

I can see myself getting crucified for asking

Blue Moon

Hmmmm, not sure about that Larry, but they should have taken the strings out from the eagles in the 1999 remastered Network DVDs ;)


That would be some work to do, because at the time, strings were meant to be more or less invisible in the frames, so the software in charge would need a lot of handwork to be effective I guess.... could be cool though :)

Anyone up to the challenge? :)