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would any of you all want to help?

just a random brain fart (or small stroke) would any be interested in helping to make a "working" script?
just let me know by posting

thank you very much
by oneself the eagle can be made but slowly, might be able to film it by my self but that is all i can do need more than me myself and i.

1. would like it to be more of close match to year one, with maybe a little more drama not too much

2. this would take place after the moon has left earth orbit and after a few years something happens just like when the moon broke away
but there is nothing there??!! ( well there is but we will not see them)

the earth been torn apart puts a ship together to reach the run away moon as earth is now unable to support human live little does the crew know that a warped mind on the "other side" see this as a way to "control things" they have "super soliders" hiding on the rescue ship to take it over so when and if they get to alpha they can kidnapp Maya for there swisted plan of controling the world (see what happens when you don't get enough air hee hee) well this is just a ruff idea
any body thinks this is pure brain droppings let me know

hey if a fan of another show can build a set taking him ten years to complete and do what he can with what he has, think of what we can do if we where to work on a goal? as one

ok ok time to get off the soap box go slide into a nice warm bed


I think this is more for the "Big Screen" section than Technical.

From experience, I think you'll need to understand that unless you write it, it's extremely unlikely anyone else will, beyond throwing in storyline ideas. Who's going to be in it? How are you going to shoot it? Where are you going to shoot it? Who's going to pay for it even if everyone involved does it for free? Who builds the sets? You need to think of these things before setting out.

I'd write that new story based on the series first and then think about adapting it into a script.
Yes it is a lot of who's going to do what?
and i will but this in the big screen, as to the eagle i want to build it film it
that is all i can do myself

as for all the big stuff? well haven't a clue for the first part of the piece it can be with mintures, ent. astablision shots, but as for the int.
of the rescue ship, bulidings, ect. really need sets, two things hold me back 1. money 2. SPACE (not pun implied) and the big migrance inducing headache PEOPLE exter hands to build film act

well have a friend who lives on a farm the round pad that could be used for a launch pad (scaled for a 44" Eagle) is right by the chicken coop
so the title could be Attack of the 100ft killer space chicken

no really i would "like" to do this but at this time just trying to see if there is any one that would like to do a project of this nature if i can would like to do this "old school" glass shots, ect but with digital it is easier but do you lose in quailty ? and who can do glass shot any more let alone know what they are? well i will move this to the big screen

any have any thing to added please do and i off like a herd of tutturles