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Wow - A Time Lady!!


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I totally lost interest in the last series of Dr Who & didn't bother watching them after the first couple of episodes.
We were only talking the other day saying what a shame it was for Peter Capaldi as he could have been so better if he had better scripts/backup.
From internet chatter its looking like Peter Capaldi's later episodes actually show what he could have been all through. I am looking forward to watching them a little more now.

Isnt catch up tv/iplayer so useful.

I am glad that Moffatt has handed back the reigns & look forward to the new series a little more now.

As for the female Dr I suppose its been speculated about on a few occasions before and if she has good scripts/stories I can see it might add a new element to The Doctor.

Time will tell.


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As Dr Who morphs all the time
He could be a Maori woman next
Or a Norwegian female
It's fantasy
And I am looking forward to the performance from this lady
She's brave to take on the role & somehow I think she'll be brilliant


Colour me not impressed. They crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed. Under Moffat with Matt Smith introduced the gender-bender regeneration and then under Peter Capaldi they showed the Timelord general regenerating into a woman. Under Davis, the John Simm Master was screwed up and then they bring him back as 'Missy' further screwing the character. Now this. Missy should have been the Rani. The Master should have been brought back properly. The Doctor should have NEVER be a woman. Timelords (males) should always regenerate to other males. Timeladies (females) should always regenerate to other females. There should not be any sex-change regenerations at all. Since they are doing this, to alot of people they just ruined the show.

Totally agreed! I'm done with the show too! Despite all the name calling it's my decision and I've now not watched any new Who (if that's what it's still called?) since 2017 and that was bad enough!