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X-Wing Fighter in 1/32 scale


My recent build of the Mark 1 Galactica Viper has put me in the mood for some "old-school" Starfighter action , so I dug out the AMT Pro-Shop Electronic X-Wing kit I've had in my stash for a number of years . When I got it ( from a car-boot sale for £3 !) I'd intended to use the electronic features , but on starting the build , I became a little disillusioned , as I thought the features where a little toy-like and distracted from the model itself . I've never been hugely keen on lighting models , especially in this scale and in my opinion , Star Wars ships never suit being lit , unless it's a Star Destroyer ! Long story short , I packed away the kit and more or less forgot about it . On it's re-emergence , I've decided to build it without the "gimmicky" features , because it's actually a very nice kit and the large size makes it especially attractive . My guess at 1/32nd scale is purely a rough estimation , gauged from it's length and the size of the pilot . I'm making this a "quick" project , because I don't want to get bogged down with extra detailing ( although I will be adding a few missing panels here and there ) and I just want a nice big X-Wing on display . There are some beautifully built X-Wings on this and other modelling forums , but sometimes I think people can go overboard with the minutae of the paint schemes of these ships . After all , in my reference pics of the studio miniatures ( and I've got more ref on the X-Wings than ANY other ship ) they are quite basically painted and just weathered up to hell ! Anyway , that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ! :D

I'm still only half-way done , but I'm pleased with how it's coming on . I've even dug out my 30-odd year old MPC X-Wing to give that a little sprucing up as well ! ;)