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Year 2 Blu ray


I have to second "Gwent" on this one.
I didn't think the Network DVD release could be beaten - but the Blu-Ray knocks it clear out of the water... well worth the investment - it truly was like watching the show for the first time...and I said that about the DVD!
The level of detail is quite incredible...textures, patterns and colours are much more vibrant.
Of course that also shows up the flaws... but on the whole this is an awesome that deserves to be seen in HD.


I got them both. Actually, I got the Carlton (my first DVD ever), the Network and the Italian edition as well (I have a particular affection for the "Italian" voices - and now that I know the original dialogues I have to say that the dubbing is absolutely spot on). In terms of video-quality the BD are better than Network DVD, although the appreciation depends on the type of tv set you got. If you have a 50" HD TV you will be able to see the spots of a shaved beard or read the numbers on a commlock!
I agree with Gwent, it is that good. :yes:
However, the Network dvd edition is top quality as well. If your tv set is of average/good quality stick to them. If you own a super HD quality tv then go for the BD. On are sold as low as £49.
In terms of special features there are hundreds of never-seen-before pictures and an interesting interview with Sylvia Anderson.


Network 1999 Year One Blu-Ray Set

:hmm:Me Thinks Someone Will be ordering a Set or Two from Amazon This- week!!:yes::):D


Found this on - Not a big surprise really

Space: 1999 - What Happened to the Blu-ray Release of 'Season 2'? Here's an Update!
A&E informs us that they have various obstacles to overcome, pushing the title to at least the end of 2012
Posted by David Lambert

Back at the beginning of this year, in January, we passed along word from our friends at The Digital Bits that Space: 1999 - Season 2 on Blu-ray Disc was expected "by the end of the year." Well, the end of the year is almost here, and one of our readers, "Steven", reminded us the other day that this title never got formally announced! So we went looking into the matter, and our contact at A&E has today passed along to us (and to The Bits) an update about this situation.

We were informed by the studio that "the significant restoration and production efforts involved are causing the products to take longer than we, and the fans, would want", but that A&E remains hopeful that Space: 1999 - Season 2 could be released on Blu-ray Disc format. The final quarter of next year, 2012, was mentioned as a possible timeframe (i.e., approximately a year from now). A&E also rather determinedly says that "We feel that it is essential that the quality of Season 2 measures up in every way to Season 1", and they conclude by stating how they are not going to release a product which does not accomplish that.

So this is where it stands at the moment. We certainly appreciate the dedication to quality here, and we're certain that all of you Space: 1999 fans do, too! We'll keep an eye out for further developments, of course, and pass them along to you when we get them. Stay tuned.

Taken from:


Well, I guess that could be good news or bad news. I'm glad to see that they are determined to deliver a quality product and not rush it through. That's really the most important thing to me - I have no problem waiting if they are working hard to give us the best they can. We should also all be very happy that they are willing to go to such lengths for this series - there are many 70's and 80's sci-fi shows that will never get this quality of restoration work. For that, I'm happy, and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

But the comment "but that A&E remains hopeful that Space: 1999 - Season 2 could be released on Blu-ray Disc format" is a bit scary - what do they mean could be released on Blu-Ray? Isn't that the point of the remaster here - to release it on Blu-Ray? Maybe that's not exactly what was meant, but the word could sounds like there's the possibility that it might not happen.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I was wondering myself what was happening with it. I really hope they follow through with this. Is there any way to show them that we support the release? I guess they already know the fans want it - I already bought the Blu-Ray set - did it sell well?


Well, I was close. I guessed it wouldn't be released until early 2012 at the very least, in a previous post. Without an HD master already existing for Year 2, their original date seemed far too aggressive. At least they know that fans are expecting, and they (A&E) are putting in, a lot of effort to produce a good quality product. I'll guess early 2013 now for a release date, and if it is out sooner, then all the better. I can wait.

Captain Sci-Fi

Have they stopped delivering coal for the steam engine in Romford then Chris? :D

There is almost as much difference between DVD and BluRay as there was between VHS and DVD. We added a Bose sound system this year along with a new Sony BluRay player. I was actually a little disappointed with this, it is the slowest machine i have ever used and seems to ponder life for ages before actually playing anything. I should have listened to others advice and just bought a PS3, it has a very fast player in it already and they are about the same price.

Still like all these things I never actually get hold of any of the remotes, that's the wife's domain. :lol:


I agree about the huge difference between DVD and Blu-Ray. It's like night and day. While some studios do offer less than stellar releases on Blu-Ray, that is the result of sloppy transfers, not the tech itself. Even mediocre Blu-ray discs look better than their DVD counterparts, unless the source used was awful or they over-applied too much DNR. When done well, though, Blu-Ray looks nothing short of amazing. Every time I see an old favorite announced for Blu-Ray I get excited because I know it will be a treat to see it like the first time again. Many older films I missed in the theatres, and have only seen them on VHS or DVD over the years. Blu-Ray really does give these films and tv shows a chance to shine.


DVD vs Blu-Ray

Personally I think it's the old story of the Emperors New Clothes apart from a slight difference in sound volume they don't seem that different to me!:think::hmm:

It's a good excuse to re-sell old material at inflated prices!:no:


mmm... although I am not a huge fan of the second season I would have considered to buy the BD edition. Anyway, it is bad news for all fans. :(

I wonder if it is not just us guys, on this forum, who bought the Space: 1999 BD. :think: They are now on sale, shrink-wrapped, on ebay at really competitive prices.