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Your favorite James Bond

Connery,the first Bond I saw in You Only Live Twice,Dalton,that as has been said here brought back the darker Bond,and Brosnan only in his two first films.
Connery then Moore, Roger Moores films are brilliant entertainment but it's not the Bond in Ian Flemings books, Connery was closer to Flemings vision, but those two for me, Daltons films were enjoyable, I wish Connery had done On Her Majestys Secret Service, It was such a great story, It would have made that film outstanding
I agree,that would have made a brilliant closure of his James Bond roleplaying.I never undestood why he returned some years before with Never Say Never Again.A kind of remorse for his failure to close de Bond act properly?.


Roger Moore, if for nothing else "The Spy Who Loved Me" inspired me to buy a Lotus Esprit.....27 years after I saw the film as a spotty 14 year old
Well,if i could I'll buy the Aston Martin DB5,but all that my wallet permits me is having it in 1/43 scale.On the other side that means no parking troubles anywhere.
And their size reduces the parking trouble,conceded.First thing I'll do if I'm lucky in the Lottery will be buying both o' them to ascertain the comparative advantages.Bad jokes apart,the aesthetics of the Lotus is far more modern than of the DB5,for sure.


If anyone uses that well know acronym for Lotus I always counter with "No actually it stands for Lots Of Torque Usually Sideways"

My car is not actually a series 1 as used in the film its a 1996 GT3, a tenuous connection I know but still a Lotus Esprit
Very good the L.O.T.U.S. nomenclsture,I dind't know what it stand for.Actually I didin't own a car but some years before I owned and drived a German built Ford XR4i.Any connection with a bond car but back in the 80's was a strong,sturdy and potent car.And a friend of mine is a car tester in the Aston-Martin concessionary here in Barcelona and sometimes.with him in the co-pilot seat,has permitted me have a try on the machine.I can tell you that is like fliyng in a magic carpet.Is a dream machine to drive,really.
In fact,he has,as a joke,included me in the list of potential clients,and sometimes Aston-Martin sends me via internet their catalog with the latest views on their products!.The car I drove was the Vantage featured in the Pierce Brosnan/James Bond movie Die Another Day that they have on display,with a silouette of this famous secret agent,in their shop.
Everyone is entitled to have his opinion.Humbly and with all my respect to yours,now that our Oscared actor Javier Bardem is likely to be the next Bond villian,to me the film will be the dearest truck drivers confrontation in cinematography.