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Your first Gerry Anderson item


I'm sure my first was a wind up Stingray, or possibly some kind of remote control Stingray, i do remember it having a front wheel that moved in a 90 degree slot.

Captain Sci-Fi

Issue one of the brand new TV21 comic which I promptly dismembered to decorate my bedroom wall with :cry:

Then the Lone Star rubber band Stingray model :wub:



The Rosenthal Thunderbirds, not including TB4, FAB1 and the smaller TB1, all on the same Christmas morning!:)


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Probably an annual of some description - although they're long since gone the way of the church jumble sale.
I think TB2 was my first Dinky also.


Dinky Ed Straker's Car (gold) and Dinky SHADO Mobile (green). I still have the car which I dug out for this occasion (bit battle worn and minus the back tyre).


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An issue of TV21 (Captain Scarlet era) that my Dad picked up from a train after some kid had left it behind. His loss was my gain :D

Blue Moon

I think it was a dinky TB2, but technicaly, that was my older brothers!:lol: So my actual first GA toys were the 1999 dinky eagle transporter, white freighter and battery operated stun gun- Xmas 1975-ahh happy days :yes:


Captain Scarlet Dinky models SPC then MSV. Somehow I never got an SPV and a FAB1 which were on my wishlist for a long time. But anyhow, I got so many other, cool toys that I am not really complaining. :D

Captain Sci-Fi

It ain't over till it's over.....

My first Dinky Eagle was a green version bought with pocket money earned from a paper round and weekends car washing, it was worth every minute. :D

Before that the first Dinky I ever owned was a present from my sister in law A UFO Interceptor, again hideous green and orange details. I loved it and spent many a happy hour playing in the garden of my childhood home with Airfix Astronaughts and a very old plastic fort as "moonbase".

Suddenly I want Ribena.... :lol:


:cry:It's been so long ago that I can't quite remember but itwas definately a Dinky Toy of some kind Possibly an Interceptor with white missile and orange tip! I had several Dinky Eagles which I had endless fun crashing in an attempt to recreate an episode of Space,
I also remember having a few of the AirFix Eagle and Angel Interceptor kits these were
Pretty common at the time and available from most branches of Woolies(WoolWorths)

Oh for those Happy Days:)

I also vaguely remember trying to make a replica of Moon Base Alpha, Mine was Made from Polystyrene Packaging.

Also does anyone remember having the Letts TV-21 Diary (Wow!) What a fantastic little book I'd almost forgotten about it,and who could Forget The Space 1999 & Dalek ice lollies not to mention The Nestle Star Trek White Chocolate bar.

Think I'm Gonna Cry!:cry:
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