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Your first Gerry Anderson item


I think it was the Fundimensions Eagle. Either that or the Mattel Eagle playset. I got them both when they first came out, so whichever came first.


My auntie owned a grocers shop & gave me a whole unopened box of UFO sweet cigarettes one christmas, I remember cutting the cardboard picture of skydiver out from the flip up box they were in.


My First Gerry Merchandise

My first piece of Gerry Anderson merchandise was a J.Rosenthal Thunderbird 2 with the mole. It was for my fourth birthday 1967.


I remember as a kid we lived in east london and all the ladies that lived in the street worked for lesneys, it was like chrismas every week , for some reason they managed to get hold of all the newest models , can still remember opening the box with chrome plated sams car. i played with it til all the chrome was rubbed off


and who could Forget The Space 1999 & Dalek ice lollies not to mention The Nestle Star Trek White Chocolate bar.

Oh wow, I remember those Dalek lollies - mint flavour weren't they? I seem to remember them having a competition on the packet to win a full size Dalek 'for your school' (which I always thought was a bit of a swiz!)

Yay, Star Trek white choc bar - had those hard chunks of 'asteroid' or something in them. They were great!

I remember my older brother having the JR21 SPV and smashing it to pieces with a large rock in the garden (hmmmm:?). Occasionally when visiting my parents, I'll still see the odd piece of SPV grey plastic debris or wheel sticking out of the garden which has been unearthed whilst dad was digging!


It was probably issue 2 of TV21. My friend who wasn't remotely interested in Gerry Anderson stuff told me he had bought issue 1 and thought I might like it.



Mine was a big plastic TB2 - friction drive - no idea of the make. Then the various dinky's - MSV, SPV, Interceptor, Shado Mobile(s), Sam's Car, TB2, a freighter eagle and of course lots of others.

Earlier than that, my first SciFi toy was a spacesuit with helmet for Christmas and a ray-gun which played different sounds when you pressed the trigger. When it broke (which wasn't long - after many missions round the neighbourhood) I found it had a mini record player inside! I think many of the 'pull cord' toys, including Action Man, worked like that. The spacesuit backpack for mine certainly did.

Great times!


Oh I completely forgot!

Does anyone remember the paper Space 1999 space helmet? I had several of these over the years, it came in the form of a flat sheet with cut out stick sections.8)

Ham Salad

first anderson item

AMT eagle, Oversized toy stungun that made goofy noises (battery powered).

Then Dinky eagles. I remember agonizing in a hobby shop over which eagle to buy, because I could only afford one of them the first time. The shop owner was annoyed at me because I changed my mind and he had to redo the transaction. The issue was the green nose and tail....I eventually just painted the thing. To this day I just don't know what dinky was thinking, making a really accurate model which they then painted an absurd color for no discernible reason.

I also seem to remember there was a set of commlock walkie talkies I couldn't afford, and that I regretted not buying....
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Plaston [Shipton Plastics] Supercar, I can still remember waiting at the garden gate for my uncle to arrive on my birthday [1962] as I knew what he was getting for me.


Friction Thunderbird 1 with red wheels. Top Toy. Searching on google images, it was manufactured by Rosenthal.

I remember being bought a huge stingray, must have been at least 18" long but no idea who built it. My mate had a huge SPV in grey, again at least 18" long. Any ideas who made them?


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I think you are suffering from the same syndrome I was when I first started looking for a Plaston Supercar, you are remembering the toys in proportion to your size at the time you last held one, I thought Supercar was at least 2 feet long and its half that size.

If the Stingray was blue with yellow fins and ratemaster its a Plaston and the SPV was probably from Century 21 toys.


Its a good point Plaston kid, summers were always warmer and I guess toys actually smaller than remembered, I was probably about ten so you might be right.

I do remember my Stingray having removal fins like you pic but that one looks like its been painted different colours. As for the SPV it was my mates but it does look vaguely familiar. How big were they then?