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Zero X Deteriorating!


:lol: Blimey, if you'd banged out a couple more of those, Airfix might not've gone bust!


That's not one of your Sun Probes that Comet Miniatures have had on display for many years is it ?

paul gray

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i sold a few mole kits to tony at comet and made my first sun probe set which tony had on display in his window for many months(martins one was on display in a glass cupboard inside the shop).we tried marketing a kit version of the sunprobe as i had made a second one and made a video of how to build one as i was going along.the cost of the kit parts and the resin and rubber involved in casting the rocket parts made it an expensive kit after tony put his % ontop and vat. so no takers and nobody wanted the made up version after there had been lots of enquires,no one stumped up the money so i took the built up version back and now have 2 and next projects are a 44inch eagle and a shado mobile i need some room.
cheers Paul


Just spent an hour on the phone with Adam from AJAmodels and he is a very decent fellow. He explained the type of resin he used is mixed with tiny glass sphere's which keeps the weight down but keeps the large pieces (LBs etc) rigid. Unfortunately he got the mix ratio wrong on a few pieces initially and has been replacing the parts he has been able to track down. Mine seem to be the last and I've just been unlucky to get so many of the pieces in the one kit.

His customer service is certainly second to none and I have mentioned how we are all impressed.

He is also the guy who mastered part of the Timeslip Discovery and is mastering the 2001 satellites for George (the French one should be available in a couple of weeks).

And his next Gerry Anderson venture should be the Sunprobe.

He is toying with the idea of releasing Zero X as an inflight version (no landing gear) for about half price and was wondering if there would be any interest with Anderson devotees. I said I would ask on this forum to see if anyone would be interested and let him know.

I'm going to send him a link to this forum as I suspect he'll be interested in joining.


Adam is a really nice guy I met him at wonderfest 05 He sought me out and pulled the masters for the ZX from a bag asking me if I knew what they were!!!

I said with great surprise "yes I have one that looks exactly like that at home" same size, colour, (grey). If anything mine was further advanced toward being finished ( indeed is was finished at one stage but I took it apart and remade it with a view of making it a mouldable master). Got distracted though and Adam got his out first. Adam also showed me the plans he had drawn for a 2001 orbital bomb ...I was able to help him out to make the drawing more accurate by sending him a 'rare' studio shot of it of an unseen angle.

So Saturnapollo how did your model turn out in the end....did you re do it yet ?


Nothing has turned up yet, but there's no great rush as I will be building Discovery first.

Might drop him an e-mail to see if the parts have been sent yet out of curiosity.

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The Zero X replacement parts arrived today. One main body part (engine section didn't need replacement), Lifting Bodies 1 and 2, LB fins, some spare tyres and a new decal sheet!!!

And what a difference in the quality of resin!

Adam Johnson certainly believes in keeping his customers happy and his customer care cannot be faulted.