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Dear Mamas,
Canadian Mike here I see you are build another SKy1 I missed out on buy a kit from you any chance this might happen.
im working on an all new puppet show..gerry anderson style...probably just doing it for you not a tv company or anything just enthusiastic .... ive a couple of puppets made already and more will come..ive also built one or two things in blender so some of the show will be cgi....i cant believe how good you are at making sets....ive tried and am rubbish.
Hello, Pat - I do hope you and yours are well! :)

I've received overnight (local), via an outfit called, an e-mail message with your name. It states there is a file included, that appears to have no content in it...

Out of an abundance of caution, I have not attempted to open it yet. I thought it best to contact you first in order to verify the e-mail's authenticity.

Looking forward, as always, to hearing from you!

Best, as always, Terry S :)
I think I got a message from you ? If not please disregard.
Hey Phil,
Hope things are good with you.
I have a couple of questions for you.

1) Do you have any of your Angel Interceptor drawings available? I thought I'd seen them on the forum but I just can't seem to find them anywhere and I was sure they were posted.

2)You mentione dyou had an original Angel interceptor. Do you ahve any updated photos or any photos at all of this.Other than a few promotional photos and some screen grabs of my own there isn't a great deal of reference of this vehicle.

3)Do you know what happened to the Spectrum Hovercraft at all - there seems to be virtually no reference of this available at all other than a couple of promotional photos.

Any help would be appreciated.

Feel free to email me here

Thanx Phil,