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www.eagletransporter.com is an infotainment site run for fans of Space 1999 and the Eagle Transporter in particular, there is an open invitation for anyone to participate under the following conditions:

We are all Comrades in Arms and are here to share our enjoyment of this unique Sci-Fi hardware through model making and other artforms, all we ask is that you respect and treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.

We share what we know, help and encourage others in a positive way and treat everyone equally.

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New Forum Sections Opened

We are continually working with members to provide the resources needed to enjoy their hobbies, as a part of this we have opened up dedicated sections for some key subjects, These are Battlestar Galactica, Dr Who, Blakes 7, Aliens, Red Dwarf, Star Wars and Scifi Papercraft / Models

Warp Models now in The Captains Store

Warp Models

We are pleased to announce the first Warp Models products to be added to the captains store as part of our ongoing support of garage kit producers and at a great price, These are.........Read More