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Default Commander on Deck Feb - New Team Members

Hi guys,

As mentioned in my last update, I have been keen to add some new moderators to our team, I have been speaking with various members over the last couple of weeks and I'm pleased to announce the new additions to the Eagletransporter Moderator team.

These guys will be not only helping with the day to day moderation duties but have been specifically chosen for their experience and skills in key areas of the forum which will help the forum grow over the coming months and hopefully years, so please join me in welcoming the newest members of the Eagletransporter Moderation Team:

Exterminator - Already active as an unofficial moderator, Exterminator will be helping with everything Dr Who and Blakes 7

Darkview - Our resident Steampunk expert will use this experience to grow this new but popular subject.

Howard - Known to most users as the creator of the awesome Kestrel concept Space 1999 ship, Howard will be helping our Build competition area and general scratchbuilding / kitbashing / kitspotting subjects.

We hope to announce one more member of the team shortly if he accepts the position.

Myself And Bernie feel these additions will be very positive for the forum.
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Captain Sci-Fi
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Default Welcome

Welcome new mods, really glad to have you all aboard.

Feel free to offer up suggestions for community involvement and entertainment. We have ongoing projects to restructure some parts of the forum to make it easier to find information, offer build projects to inspire and show others, I learn new techniques from members here everyday. With our combined talent base anything is possible....

Exciting days lay ahead me thinks.

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Many thanks for the warm welcome, Chris and Bernie.
It's an honour and privilege to be part of the already established team here - many thanks indeed.
I'd also like to say congratulations to Exterminator and Darkview, whose projects I've admired on many occasions.
I'll be working hard behind the scenes to make this forum THE place for Anderson model fans, and to contribute in other areas as best as I can.

Cheers all!

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