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Default Commander On Deck - SITREP

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update everyone on the current situation and our plans moving forward.

I was able to visit Bernie on Friday, he is doing a lot better now as he adapts to deal with the health issues he had towards the end of last year, whilst this will be an ongoing thing for him he is getting back to fighting fitness and has begun working to clear the backlog of orders, in particular the UFO kits which due to being an internal product design was most heavily impacted by the illness situation.

I am now able to and have begun updating customers directly regarding their order, please don't hesitate to pm me if you don't hear from me in the next couple of days.

Luckily (apart from the hassles of having to move back) my presence back in Bristol means I will be able to take on more than I have been since I moved away, after discussing this with Bernie the following has been agreed to ensure we don't have this type of issue again.

1) I will be taking back control and responsibility of the store. Products designed by Bernie will be handled from an admin point of view on the same relationship as we use for other supplier, to ensure that orders and stock levels are more closely managed to avoid issues.

2) I will be taking on a more active and interactive ETF Staff role in the forum

These 2 actions will not only help to speed up the clean up of the backlog of tasks etc, but will also ensure we run more smoothly and are at less risk of a bottleneck if a similar situation was to occur and will enable Bernie to focus more on the research, design and manufacture of new product ranges.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us during this time, we hope to get back to normal operations very shortly.

Chris / Karr1981

PS I haven't forgot I promised a new build comp, this got sidetracked due to these other things but will happen soon.
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All sounds good, Chris.
It's very good of you to step up to these extra tasks.
Glad you mentioned the build comp - I was only thinking this weekend I must chase this up now we're nearing May.
Best regards,

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Chris, Thanks for helping out both Bernie and the members.
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