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Default Packing & Shipping a 22" PE Eagle without the Box

Long story short...years ago my 22" Eagle was stolen in a burglary along with many other possessions. The box, however, remained in my garage. I had no hope of recovering the Eagle so I sold the box on eBay. Not too long after this the Eagle was returned to me along with its display case. I had saved the certificate in a different area and so it missed being stolen.

With the advent of the MPC Eagle kit and financial issues, I've decided to sell my Eagle. But I'm wondering how to go about packing. My first thought is to pack the Eagle inside the case with styrofoam sheets and bubble wrap, covering the pod rockets to make sure they're not snapped off in transit. But I was also thinking about possibly shipping the Eagle outside the case, perhaps separately, to avoid putting undue stress on it.

Does anybody have any experience shipping a box-less Eagle with case, or would anyone have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!
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You really must make sure its very well packaged as couriers are renowned for chucking things around in their vans - I've seen it done many times.
The best thing would be for the buyer to collect if at all possible.
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Pro Mod
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Fully encasing it in soft foam and fitting it tightly within a heavy walled cardboard box is the way I would pack it. With this method the shock is spread evenly through the packing.

You could use a 'pick n pluck' type or if that's too expensive use ordinary seating foam and cut out the eagle profile and add full sheets top and bottom. You need to have a minimum of 50mm of foam all around the model.
If you don’t have a suitable box you can buy 2440mm x 1220mm twin wall cardboard sheet for around 5:00 each from a local packaging supplier and make your own with a roll of packing tape.

This is the type of foam -

As badsimmonds said no amount of fragile / this way up tape will make the slightest bit of difference to the delivery company.

Hope this helps.
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Ham Salad
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Also, double boxing is highly recommended for packing fragiles: One box, carefully padded and packed, which is then itse;f boxed in a bigger box and surrounded by packing.
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Old 11-07-2016, 11:22 AM   #5
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Badsimmons, Pro Mod, Ham Salad, thank you all for the valuable advice. I just got the Eagle out of storage today and will start packing this week with your counsel in mind. Will report back on how it goes. Again, thanks!
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